simple things

I enjoyed my last day off today. I played golf today with a couple friends. What simple creatures we are sometimes to marvel at a little white ball struck high into the air seeking its target. A beautiful saskatchewan spring day, sandhill cranes, canada geese, leaves in various degrees of green, peace and quiet, truly a swell day. It seemed a shame that we needed the excuse of a game to go for an all day walk in the country.

Currently reading D. Dennett’s collection of essays Brainstorms. Many of the ideas ended up in Consciousness Explained but its a good read anyway.

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3 Responses to simple things

  1. rainswept says:

    Well to the silver eveningSynchronistically glide;See both my hands, patiently,With little books supplied,Pages outcast now found againYour wonders to guide.

  2. Have YOU no nephews? Why do you not take them golfing? You may NOT take MY nephews golfing but I can’t object to how you choose to corrupt your OWN family. I have never been. I suppose it costs money or something. Wouldn’t you rather play croquet? or just go swimming?Many wonders over in your corner I see. Many wonders indeed.

  3. oh yes, and quite obviously in the corner of mister faded there too.out.

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