q tuesday

well, A pleasant QT hosted at chez Vin & Chantelle. Wee January is a delight toddling about unnerving Chantelle by insisting that a pentagon has only two sides. And of course by being a very cute little two-year-old. A hearty repast followed a brief exchange of rapsheets on house of leaves. I certainly walked away from the book with a more broad message than Vin, who’s take on the book is more focused than mine. I hope I can squeeze in one more QT to hear what Mike and James have to say about it. Oh ya, and we watched a couple episodes of Frazier on DVD (holy crap that show is well written.)

Wow, I can’t seem to sleep at all of late! No amount of good fresh spring air and exercise and coffee can seem to put me to sleep. Its almost as if the coffee is keeping me awake! I think I must do some research on coffee and see if my crackpot theory holds any water. I suspect I’m unharnessing some nervousness about the summer. I’ve been getting pretty substantial electrical shocks off everything for the last three days. Really quite peculiar. Today I had the brief sensation that I’d woken up in an X-files episode. After shocking myself on a banana I thought I could here the morose monologue of Fox Moulder behind me. Then I got a shock off the doorknob, my apartment railing, my bikelock, the door to the lab and finally the stray cat that hangs out in the seed cleaning room. Feeling perplexed, I excused myself to the lavatory and got shocked on my sheepish exit. Must get to the bottom of this.

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4 Responses to q tuesday

  1. 1. There is no such thing as banana shock1. Best job in the world = hanging out with cat

  2. rainswept says:

    ?How many interpretations can dance on the head of a pinLike the house, the book is bigger on the inside (our heads) than it is on the outsideDanielewski says many thingsThe book is about many thingsI grasp at what the ‘House of Leaves’ (?not the novel) is in and of itself – a pretty limited stance?the Platonic House of LeavesHoL Axiom 1: Doubt RulesHoL Axiom 2: Doubt Rules

  3. I desperately wish that I was finnished so that I can yield from out my mine(d) some coherent and finished gem of interpretation. Alas, not in all ways is it good to be The Pirate King.

  4. rainswept says:

    Oh, better far to live and dieUnder the brave black flag I fly,Then play a hypocritical partWith a pirate head and a pirate heart.Away to the world across the seas,Where pirates read the House of Leaves,But I’ll be true to the song I singAnd live and die a pirate king.Chorus:For I am a pirate king (You are, hurrah for a pirate king).And it is, it is a glorious thing to be the Pirate King.I am a Pirate King (You are, hurrah for a pirate king).And it is, it is a glorious thing to be the Pirate King.(It is, hurrah for a pirate king, hurrah for the Pirate King)When I venture forth to seek my prey,I crush my foes in a royal way.The ladies yield and the ships go down,Or is it the other way around?But many a king in a guilded tower,If he wants to cling to pomp and power,Must manage somehow to get throughMore dirty work than ever I do.

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