all things in flux

greetings and apologies one and all. Apologies to those I did not see during my brief stay in saskatoon. I returned to town and had my usual hibernation/ sleep recovery/ cultural assimilation time which was followed by a flurry of activity orbiting the gas giant that is living in town (getting an apartment, securing employment, etc.) It would seem though that these preparations were premature. I’ve said it before that if I ever learn to smell the unexpected, I’d really have an ace up my sleeve. Well the unexpected snuck up on me, odour-free as usual. I found myself enamoured with one miss Aja Mason. She’s a neuroscience major, hellcat, and all-around force to be reckoned with. And so it seemed to both of us that being together was the will of the force, (damn mitaclorians!) So without caring much for the absurdity of it all, I’ve packed up the universe and injected it in Lethbridge. My haste in this process driven partially by the fact that any time to think rationally about the choice would lead me to Newton’s second law of motion. Doing what you want sometimes requires you not not think at all.

And so, here I am in a beautiful loft suite with arched ceilings, a vast kitchen and quite honestly the most wonderful space I’ve ever lived in. I would post some pictures but I seem to have left my camera behind somewhere. I’m going to the university this week to apply for a position in one of the labs so hopefully I will have good news for my next entry.

The city is quite dramatic, the Oldman river slices through town leaving a wake of semi-arid badlands carved on each side with the university on the opposite side that I’m on. The valley in town is a minerologists dream- ammonites litter the ground for those with patience to hunt for them. Also, the mountains are viewable on a fine day. I hope to do some mountain biking which the terrain supports in spades. I think I may also turn in my no automobile paradigm so that we can spend weekends in the mountains climbing and skiing. My excitment here is brimming and all the more so when there’s someone I adore to share it with.

I hope all are well, next update in a couple of days…

ps I spent Saskatchewan’s 100th birthday by moving to Alberta, I feel so mainstream!

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2 Responses to all things in flux

  1. Oh yes, she’s the one who said “…more science students … need to express their creative sides — bridge the gap between the science and creativity and self-expression for it is only natural.”Sounds terrific! Though I’ll wager you would trade it all for a phaser or a good solid club.I hope you can at least keep in touch on the digital side of things and call when you will be in town.

  2. rainswept says:

    Aja: Rabbi, is there anything I can do to combat thisShiks-appeal?Rabbi: Ha! Aja, shiks-appeal is a myth, like the Yeti, or his NorthAmerican cousin, the Sasquatch.Aja: Well, something’s goin’ on here, ’cause every able-bodiedQuester in the county is driving pretty strong to the hoop.Rabbi: Aja, there’s much you don’t understand about the Questishreligion. For example, did you know that rabbis are allowed to date?

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