well, my colonization period is in full swing. I had a short interview at the Canadian Center for Behavioral Neuroscience. They’re looking for someone to manage and implement their experiments. It would involve “running the rats” and some histology. He seemed less concerned than me that I have no formal training in immunal histology. I supposed they want someone who is fastidious and used to a research environment which I do have. In any case, It doesn’t start till the end of the month so I will know in a couple of weeks.
I’ve mapped out my immediate surroundings now. The downtown streets are perilously wide, giving the downtown a lonely and slightly lifeless feel to them, Jane Jacobs would certainly be at odds with the designers. I’ve been cooking well since arriving. Aja’s typical table-d’hote is commensurate with my usual apathetic culinary efforts and so I’ve been putting extra effort into the evening repast. Curiously, I’ve rather enjoyed the pursuit, a surprising discovery.
I found my new coffee shop/thinking place. Its called “the penny” and contains all social classes, sensational blends, a giant 4mX4m map of the earth, and the best damn ginger snap for a hundered miles. The Penny will likely be the epicenter of my new writing project: Design a religion/way/system of practice/etc for a godless meaningless world. Why design this? Because I am a being whose brain has evolved to seek patterns and order. It therefore becomes necessary to carefully circumsribe that which can be ordered from that which contains no order whatsoever.
I’ve been playing a curious game today. Its called: “sneak-will”. Stare at two objects on the table and then try to observe yourself deciding to choose one to pick up. As you engage in continued repetitions, attempt to experience the present with more temporal width as you observe your decision. Winning conditions are realized when you stop playing.
bye for now

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5 Responses to colonizing

  1. Quit Smoking says:

    I am looking for ideas to start my own blog about subliminal messages and you have give me a few ideas. Thank you. Good blog. I will check it each week.

  2. rainswept says:

    Doctor, you must set your comments to registered users only and/or use the jpg security feature – otherwise you’ll rapidly accumulate ‘blog spam’ (blam? slag?) like the above.Your project sounds great – looking forward to the ever widening trickle of thoughts from your Penny.

  3. Your fun idea sounds an awful lot like indecision. I play it all the time. You don’t need a penny, though. I find that tasks work even better. Now should I clean the bathroom, or paint the house?

  4. g_natural says:

    ummm. hi. i are a dude.

  5. lisa says:

    I can’t wait until your system is ready for implementation – and your technique at running the rats is perfected. I’ll be first in line to run through the metaphysical maze you design. Glad to hear things are going well.

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