the acute stage

bust -v.- perform, do. (EX: “Bust a rhyme” = “Rapping a rhyme”, while “Bust a move” = “Make a move/perform a move”)
busted -adj.- ugly, caught doing a crime. {EX: “Yo’ girl is BUSTED!”)
cap – n.- bullet (EX: “I’ma bust a cap in yo’ ass.” = “I will shoot you.”)
capped -v.- shot.

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8 Responses to the acute stage

  1. rainswept says:

    Doctor, I haven’t seen your hair this long since High School (coincidentally the last time any of us used the phrase ‘bust a move’)

  2. I should hope you are planning to put some attributin on the quotes you are slingin’. They are copy-righted by default you know… AND while your usage certainly falls within ‘fair use’ can you withstand the potential lawsuit?

  3. regarding the hair comment… you must have slept really late in 1993-94ish? We were talking ponied-up, dude!

  4. rainswept says:

    Yeah, I don’t remember much about that year… it was unusually windy, right?

  5. rainswept says:

    Hey, ever watch the Pentagon Strike flash? Niiiyce!

  6. personally I like to watch it dailyit keeps my levels of cynicism in top running order.

  7. Let me also include for all the conspiracy theorists out there, if you like the minut flash you will love the hour long documentary. change indeed, if you have the time its pretty indepth. Have the time? ha. Not like anyone works in this province anyways.

  8. rainswept says:

    doctor, you listed A Pattern Language as one of your favourite books, but do you actually have a copy?

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