Only Revolutions:part 1

Today, I got “Only Revolutions” I started reading Hailey until page 48 then began Sam up to same point. Will put it down till tomorrow and perhaps I will read smaller chunks before switching narratives (if thats what I’m doing?)

So far: It is difficult, cloudy impressions are beginning to form, halfway through my read I began to read it faster and found it more somethingorother.

I suspect some have read it at least once by now though Im not sure Im ready to hear anyone’s thoughts just yet. Even though I am.

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4 Responses to Only Revolutions:part 1

  1. I have examined Esperanto, Glosa and Ido. They all sound and are written more or less like Italian.Given that Dante himself essentially constructed modern Italian from vulgar Latin literary routes/roots, why don’t we just all speak Italian and be done with it?Vi dezir revolucio?Ne lern Esperanto, lern italo!

  2. I was thinking about Urban II today.He was tired of feudal raids and consequential economic setbacks that tore up Europe, leaving it wide open to Infidel attack.And so he created the model of the Crusade. Taking back the Holy Land was not the objective. The real objective was to have a place to send all the troublemakers in Europe to a place that they could reclaim their Souls and distract the Infidel from their efforts to reclaim Spain. But mostly he was sending them to a place where they would go away and die and perhaps remit back the odd cheque payable to the Church.A brilliant strategy. Europe was never threatened by an external invader again after the Crusades although arguably the Turks did threaten Vienna in the early 1600’s.George Walter Bush should proclaim himself the second incarnation of Urban the Second and send all the drug dealers, thieves, and Enron cheats to fight the Infidel again.America would then truly be safe.And furthermore, I move that Carthage must be destroyed.Cheers and Good Mental Health,The Commisioner and McKay

  3. I am loathe to correct a visitor, but I must remind that it was Alexios I Komnenos the Byzantyne emporer that implored the Pope to wage war against the Turks. But perhaps that is but historical subterfuge on the part of the Christian conscience.Regarding your idea though, I suspect we’d shudder if we only knew what Bush has proclaimed himself to be in the privacy of his motion to destroy Carthage carried unanimously

  4. Alas, but what of Lixos?Cheers and Good Mental Health

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