your tax dollars at work

I enjoyed fifteen minutes of fame today as I was in a CBC documentary about treeplanting that aired today on Country Canada. The film crew followed around some of my rookies all season so it was all about them but I did get a few speaky bits. I wore a wireless mike around which is a little surreal in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, here’s a couple stills from their doc.

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4 Responses to your tax dollars at work

  1. I had to google “cbc” to learn that it is your country’s premier television network. This also ties in to your “nanocrapo” story which is excellent and of great amusement. This is all very impressive.I am in the communications business and I must tell you that your writing skills, although a little hurried, combined with your creative mind could be magnificent.Appropriate curses directed againat Carthage and the King but most of all…Cheers and Good Mental Health!

  2. I hope you are bringing a copy along with a 16:9 TV to QNY…

  3. actually, I just hopped over and watched the whole thing. Rather like I imagined, really. I guess having heard you talk about it for so many years transmits something besides hot air afterall :)I think you came off looking like a pro, but a lot less ruthless and cocky than I expected. Ah, the wonders of post production editing.

  4. rainswept says:

    Stille need your mailing address for Christmas dr … pass it along to Starcat please if your email isn’t working.

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