Transvestite Impersonators:The new heroin chic

Of course I rabidly watch Beauty and the Geek, a reality show that pairs age old rival stereotypes together to compete for cash and prizes. Each week the geeks have a social skills challenge and the beauties have some light thinkwork. The show innoculates the viewer with its ‘we’re all just people on the inside’ antibiotics. What is most interesting to me is that one of the beauties pictured here is clearly a transvestite. This is just one example of a growing trend in the beauty zitgeist for transvestite-looking women. I’m not sure when I started noticing this but I sure see more and more women in the media that are being flaunted as good looking but have this tranny vibe lingering about them like axe body spray on a frustrated frat boy. I’ll admit, there seems to be no lacking for good looking people on television and movies, but I wonder what this gender-bending trend is all about. Any graduate students in “gender studies” (yes the parenthesis are meant to demean the subject but I could just as easily placed them around “student”) please feel to make use of my queery as a germ to grow a graduate thesis from.

Speaking of the transvestite invasion, said poster girl died today. Anna Nicole Smith apparently meant much more to CNN than I. They were broadcasting the story non-stop all afternoon doing their best to convince me I should care. Lest I seem callous, I do care. About 2 things:
1) did she die of a Hoodia overdose?
2) What female transvestite impersonator will take her place?
Internest rumors (that’s right Internest rumours,) already suggest that Courtney Love has an investigative committee in place but her intentions to run have yet to be verified. She certainly has the drug abuse down pat and struggles to make money off her dead husband. The similarities are eerie. As eerie as CNN spending all day on a trivial gold digging attention whore when their county’s leadership violates its constitution on a daily basis and spirals its ignorant population into the abyss.

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2 Responses to Transvestite Impersonators:The new heroin chic

  1. rainswept says:

    How horrible it is for us that Ms. Smith forced the infantile necrophages at CNN to suckle at her fast cooling public interest, forced you to indulge in their disinfotainment, and then forced me to read about it in your post. And all from beyond the grave.Shame on her.

  2. Unfortunately, ANS’s organs have been too badly drug addled to be of any further medical use.But fortunately her implants are intact and in good condition. It is my sincere wish that ANS’s estate will do the right thing and donate her implants to a deserving individual or auction them off for charity.In this way, the family can take some satisfaction knowing that her life was not in vain by seeing a part of ANS living on to the benefit of another.Cheers and Good Mental HealthI am at One with my Duality

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