neck catheters and other drugs

Well, I return from the hospital without need of a lawyer which is the best one can hope for I think. I declined to include a disgusting photo of the neck catheter that blocked signals from my arm to my brain. After blocking the nerves, they scooped out the blocking tissue surrounding my shoulder joint. Dr. Lo said that in his experience, he’s never scooped out that much. I hate being connected to other people’s superlatives. Anyway, they sewed me back up and after a few days gave my nerve endings back to me but started me on oxycodone or “poor man’s heroin” as its known on the street. Its apparently the number one stolen drug from pharmacies. I was on it for 7 days straight until I so desparately needed a bowel movement and a moment of normalcy that I finally kicked. Heavy physiotherapy now stands between me and whatever chance that the surgery worked.

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2 Responses to neck catheters and other drugs

  1. Sounds like an adventure. I observe that your fear of superlatives is perhaps unfounded. You just need to seek positive ones to be connected to, rather than negative.I sure wish you the questiest of recoveries and I thank you for keeping us tuned in…

  2. rainswept says:

    Bonus Fortuna.Good news. By modulating the shield harmonics it seems that Mr. Barclay has been able to increase Protien Binding and Bioavalibility of Oxycodone by 200%!

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