Climatology’s Wrong Side of the Tracks

1) Speaking of ice cores, here’s a tidy little diagram showing the correlation between orbital eccentricity and macro temperature cycles. Its not hard for me to imagine that the “constructive and destructive interference” of the various cycles of precession,obliquity and eccentricity have the ability to present the earth with drastic and unexpected(for now) climate trends.

2) Below is a fine correlation between cosmic radiation and cloud formation. This is the work of Henrik Svensmark .
His work is interesting but unbiased assessment of it is nearly impossible to find since it runs counter to the prevailing winds of climate change. His experiments show how cosmic radiation contributes to cloud formation which obviously effects insolation/insulation. He also noticed from existing data sets that recent cosmic radiation and temperature were related.

3) Some other interesting counter-trend science involves solar dust in the atmosphere which also creates powerful greenhouse effects.

“The most recent observations in frame of the DUST experiment on board the Ulysses spacecraft have shown that stardust level inside of the solar system was trebled during the recent solar maximum (Landgraf et al., 2003. “…”It is possible that the periodic increase of stardust in the solar system will influence the amount of extraterrestrial material that rains down to the Earth and consequently down to the Earth’s atmosphere and may affect climate through alteration of atmospheric transparency and albedo. “

4) And just in case one is tempted to bestow esteem on the scientific credentials of anyone, here’s a cheap pot-shot at the acme of institutions. Its funny to me how absurd this comment is and yet how little has changed in scientific discourse:

[The objective of geology is] “to confirm the evidences of natural religion; and to show that the facts developed by it are consistent with the accounts of the creation and deluge recorded in the Mosaic writings.”
— William Buckland,
Oxford Professor of Mineralogy and Geology
in The Connection of Geology with Religion Explained (1820)

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5 Responses to Climatology’s Wrong Side of the Tracks

  1. rainswept says:

    Did you follow the link for the reading assignment in my Feb 20 Little Scratches post?

  2. rainswept says:

    FootnoteAfter dissecting the IPCC’s Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis (Summary for Policymakers), I find that there is nothing in it that suggests “…drastic and unexpected(for now) climate trends”.

  3. enthemic says:

    wonder if you’ve seen this study? I don’t have a link to the paper, just the media take on it)

  4. “media take” on a study is equatable to pig’s views on art history.

  5. found the study you refer to. It ignores cosmic ray influence on cloud formation. It only looks at cosmic ray output which has been decreasing since ’95 ergo says study author Lockwood it cant be responsible for temp increase. Of course the study “smoothed out” the regular solar cycles ( a suspect bit of business IMHO) leaving the door still wide open for normal temperature lag as the previous cosmic rad high was in the early 80’s. Not the conclusive evidence that its billed as.

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