Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day so I guess I would be remiss if I didn’t inject my usual contrarian opinion to this manufactured day.

1) To the right is the sober voice of reason in the face of the braying Suzukis. Curiously, supply estimates are increasing faster than production which is the exact opposite to the alarmist warnings of the 60s, 70s 80s and 90s. I find it funny that Suzuki doesn’t talk about oil running out anymore. I also find it funny whenever I hear the term “vested interest” in reference to oil politics. David Suzuki makes a living predicting doom and chastising behaviors. Doesn’t he have a vested interest? Seems like a good reason to ignore anything that comes out of his mouth frankly.

2) Also for your consideration is a graph of inflation adjusted oil prices. As you can see, except for that OPEC blip in the 70s, the price of oil has remained remarkably stable. This in spite of the popular mythology to the contrary.

3) In other words everything you hear is probably wrong.

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3 Responses to Earth Day

  1. Well, I’m not the graph guru that you are, Dr., but I’m pretty sure that the first one on your page doesn’t indicate that oil supply is increasing faster than production. Only that it is currently higher. The curve on the production line looks ominous and hungry.In other news, perhaps Suzuki mishandled his stock portfolio vis oil and is simply bitter, or his retirement savings are lacking and so he needs to continue to try and strive to do what he feels is right to make a living. However, I’m pretty sure he could make a shit load more money if he was willing to draw freelance pornography for oil and gas journal

  2. BTW, how is the rehab coming?

  3. rainswept says:

    The last thing I need is Suzuki horning in on my freelance pornography earnings.On the subject of our venerable Canadian institution, I’m nominating the theme from The Nature of Things with David Suzuki in the Best Theme, Infotainment or Documandate category (composer Ken Myhr, cellist Anne Bourne).

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