Return from the Beyond part 1

Having returned from starbase 12 back to the city, I’ve noticed a few things which probably don’t deserve comment, but thats what the internet is for isn’t it?

1) First, I’ve officially substituted “global warming” with “global warning.” So now I’m on a mission to “create awareness” or rather satisfy to myself that I’m doing something productive when I’m really doing nothing at all.

2)Im sure my rag-tag regulars could hardly care about Barry Bonds chasing Hank Aaron’s home run record. I have a guilty pleasure for sports (they are the original reality tv dramas.) The bruhaha over Bonds inevitable breaking of this very old record is his suspected steroid use. What I find so odd is that steroids help build muscles. I’m not sure how that helps you to hit a 100mph baseball. If hitting 735 home runs was a function of how strong you are then why didn’t the millions of guys who are way stronger than Bonds join the major leagues and do likewise? Or conversely, look at a picture of Aaron, he’s athletic but not more than anyone you could find in the street, his lack of muscles or performance enhancing drugs was hardly a hindrance as he held the home run record for 3o-some odd years. Something doesn’t add up in the logic of the prevailing attitude as usual. Whenever you here the phrase “performance enhancing substance,” be sure to substitute it for “muscle enhancing substance.” I for one will be cheering for Bonds.

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One Response to Return from the Beyond part 1

  1. Starbase 12 always made my skin look a tinge purplish as well. Hope you were wearing your sunscreen. That’s pure UV baby.Re the record-breaking attempt. I hope that no one is saying that bonds will hit all his home runs because of steroids. I believe what the concern is that any number of the runs in question may have fallen short of the wall if he were not bulked up artificially. I don’t think it takes away from his skills or the original record. They should just keep two sets of records. Perhaps “Pure” and “Assisted”?

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