Advanced Technology

Firstly, I switched to wordpress because I like the full screen editor compared to blogger’s cramped environs.  I find importing media to be much easier as well.

Speaking of technology, I went searching for the elusive Black Swift yesterday in the canyons behind the house.  What I found is written up on my SPOT page.  The really cool part of the day was when Suzanne came home around supper time wondering when I would be home. (Cell phones do not reach the canyon) She read my note on the counter and went to my SPOT site and found my exact location on google earth, as well as my bearing, and speed towards Canmore (5.4 km/hr)  Upon seeing I would be home in ten minutes, she started supper!  

Also of interest was a circle of stone chairs I found quite off the beaten path.  The echos of the council of Elrond were faint in my ears!

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2 Responses to Advanced Technology

  1. captainorange says:

    Great post. I love the JIT dinner production that SPOT scores an assist on. Your picture also has me yearning afresh to see my alter.

    I’ve had a few frustrations with Blogger myself. I don’t think I’m ready to bail yet, but I’m curious how easy you foun the migration.

    • daviditron says:

      To switch over all I had to do was hit “import blog” and away it went. I just had to pick a theme and edit my widgets. Took 5 minutes. Once you toggle the fullscreen editor there’s no going back. Try a test blog and see what you think.

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