A Stylish, Big Box Quiz.

After watching some Sunday Football, I was struck with how many football players have unusual first names.  Inspired by this I put together the following game:

Is it a Football Player or Ikea product?

Of the following pairs, who is in the NFL and what is an affordable solution for better living?

1 Leran & Jovan

2 Antonius & Shonn

3 Zac & Bladis




score: 3/3 touchdown!  2/3 field goal!  1/3 extra point  0/3 this is rational ignorance, you’re okay after all.

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1 Response to A Stylish, Big Box Quiz.

  1. rainswept says:

    The only one I was positive was Ikea was “Bladis” (an iffy name at best, even for a box) – though I guessed correctly for #1.

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