Lothlorien: lat. 51’23’54 long. 116’13’19

Our expedition route to find the golden larch

above: The Path to the Golden Wood

above: unreal vista

above: Snows blow over Mt Temple. Sun lights larches

above: Descending Mt Fairview, looking at aptly named Paradise Valley.

above: Ethereal glow.

above: I stood here in disbelief for quite some time.

above: Suz takes it all in.

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3 Responses to Lothlorien: lat. 51’23’54 long. 116’13’19

  1. rainswept says:

    Those are glorious vistas indeed!

  2. That’s even better than yellow snow!

  3. kevin aschim says:

    I am thankful that this glorious interregnum between summer and winter is known only to the privileged few who are aware of it thereby increasing its value by its rarity of colletive awareness. Reminds me of some glorious afternoons spent among glowing tamarack stands while cutting ski trails in the Little Red River Park.

    To achieve full effect, the sky must be the clearest azure blue and the tamarack must be at their optimum glory. And the observer must have either proactively or accidentally have taken upon the means to be in a position to observe the effect: something that happens only a few times in one’s life.

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