Apocalypse Now

There’s been a hold up with some contractors up north so I’ve managed to enjoy a couple extra days in Canmore.  Today was a beautiful sunny day with a high of 10 degrees which is nearly 10 degrees above the mean.  Everyone was cheerfully enjoying the day, getting fresh air and exercise.

It occurred to me how effortlessly Canmore adapted to 10 degrees above the average temperature.  Those promoting the catastrophe of global warming want us to fear 2 degrees over the next century.  Canmore experienced 5 times that today bringing only good cheer and healthy lifestyles!  It was the furthest thing from a catastrophe you could imagine.  The predicted apocalypse of two hundred years from now just happened today.  And it was wonderful.

“But wait,” says the activist, “sure its fine now but what if that warmth came in the summer not the fall of winter?”

That would be a concern but it isn’t happening.  In fact, the global average temperature is rising mostly due to it being less cold at night and in the winter.  This is known as the changing diurnal temperature range  described in Karl et al 1993.  For detailed mechanics of why this happens see this this article in Geophysical Research Letters.

A bright observer doesn’t need a scientific paper to tell them this.  They can easily recall unseasonably warm days in winter or fall that are 10 degrees above, but probably haven’t experienced many apocalyptic +45 days in the summer.

So as I said, if today was a taste of the year 2200, all I can say is “welcome to the apocalypse, wish you were here.”

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