ups & downs

Finally leaving for the North tomorrow!  I was waiting for some winter roads to freeze up.  The original time line was overly optimistic about freeze up.  These roads are good to go now so I’ll be based in Slave Lake for the next month.

I’ve been experimenting lately with elevation in my running.  I had been doing the same trail for ever as I liked having a constant to gauge myself.  That trail, (the “benchlands”) has a massive 1km uphill at the start and downhill all the way home.  I’ve been contrasting that with a new route (green on the map) that goes downhill for several kms and has a 2km uphill at the very end.

The elevation profiles are nearly opposite.  Having a big hill at the end is daunting to say the least but I think it will improve my times in the “big hill first” route.  Since Captain Orange has been posting his MotionX updates, I’ve started keeping better track of mileage and times by carrying a gps with me. Not surprisingly, now that I started quantifying, I feel compelled to improve performance.  Previously, this kind of exercise was to improve my hiking and climbing, now it’s starting to be an end in itself.



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One Response to ups & downs

  1. captainorange says:

    I had a feeling things were heading this way for you. I’m excited to watch your progress. I’ll have to compensate for my lack of interesting terrain by at least trying to find unusual routes.

    Have a good time in the wilds.

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