Uphill Battle

Across the valley, the Smith-Dorrien road can be seen climbing steadily up  from the Bow River up to the Spray Lakes.  I’ve decided I’d like to run up this thing and so I’m adding some more uphill to my running routine.

A new 7km route I did today. From the trans-canada it rises 150m over 2km.  By the time I got to the red arrow, I knew what real pain and suffering was!  My goal road rises 400m in 7km so I’ve got a way to go before I tackle it.

At least this route is easy on the eyes.  Below is the Google street view taken from the red arrow in the above map.

UPDATE:  Yesterday I said said the above road was easy on the eyes.  Today as I ran up there was a Lexus commercial being shot here!

pictured below is the upper half of my goal (straight line center of frame)

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2 Responses to Uphill Battle

  1. Very nice. I hope the way down was worth the agony.

    We’re in some of the worst running weather of the year right now. It’s a consolation that it’s warming up, but the ice is really slick or else it’s water. I’m really excited that both you and Geof are running these days. It provides just a little more motivation when I feel like stopping.

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