weekend 10k

Captain Orange just posted a 10k run on his motionX page so I thought I’d better post my last weekend 10k so he knows I’m keeping up!  It was  a road-style route with just one hill at the end just to see if I’m paying attention.  Total time:64 minutes.

I really noticed my hill training pay off as the last 50m hill wasn’t as daunting as I thought it would be.

Today was a series of three hills over 8.3km.  The first 2 were each 30m high over 1 km and the last one was 60m high over 2km.  I don’t time these hill runs.



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2 Responses to weekend 10k

  1. captainorange says:

    I’m not sure if I’d like more hills here or not. Still quite a bit of slush on my run. If it stays warm for a few days, I may get to switch to my five fingers.

  2. Dave says:

    Heh, I’m not sure I like hills either, but they are unavoidable here so I may as well try to defeat them! Several five fingers models are in the new MEC catalog that came the other day. I’m so used to big industrial boots in summer and heavy, hardshell ski boots in winter, I don’t know how I could ever get used to them.

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