Vote or Else

Try as I might to avoid election prattle, the odd bit invades my attention.  Of great curiosity to me is how many people (not running) seem to be trying to get other people to vote.  This is not in your best interest  since every person you convince to cast a vote dilutes your own and makes it even less valuable!

In any case trying to convince someone that their vote matters is an exercise in statistical denial.  In the last Canadian election in 2008, the riding with the lowest turnout was Fort McMurray with 35% of 72000 eligible voters casting ballots.  This represents a sampling statistical accuracy of 99 percent.  The worst riding for participation is still an incredibly accurate representation of who people are voting for.  At this point, whether thousands more vote or not is statistically irrelevant.

I hear ambiguous notions that if people don’t vote, it’s somehow bad for democracy.  I have no clue what that even means since as noted above, once a statistically significant number of people vote, the rest is just window dressing.

 Pretending that you are relevant and being relevant are not the same thing.

I guess democracy is only  working when a maximum number of people are fooling themselves.

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