Spring Arrives

Our lovely Saturn has been very good to us but over the last year, the repair bills have began to creep higher.  Suzanne’s job takes her all through the Bow valley and a reliable car is absolutely a must.  When I got stranded with our car this spring in the middle of nowhere, it started a long process of looking for a newer car. After much research and test drives we finally decided on our new car, the Honda Fit.  It needed to be able to carry bikes and skis inside and be super fuel efficient.  While I never imagined buying a new car, the difference between a high quality car just a couple years old and a new car gets lost in financing deltas.  We were lucky enough to get the last new manual transmission in Calgary due to manufacturing shortages in Japan.

It gets over 40 MPG  and has a lower total cost per kilometer than many hybrids like the Prius.  A feature I really like is a realtime fuel consumption gauge so you can adjust your driving to maximize fuel.  I first saw this on my parent’s Honda.  It’s a prominent display nested in the speedometer.  Once the engine completes its breaking in period and we flush the oil, I look forward to seeing what kind of fuel economy can be squeezed out of it.

The only downside is that I have a three month contract in the bush starting next week and won’t be able to drive it for a while!    

In other news, I found my first crocus yesterday.  The sun is finally melting a strip behind the house where the slope angle increases and faces the sun.  This slope is the face of  a shelf called the benchlands where I do my trailrunning.  Making an excuse to yourself to not run is easy enough at times but recently a cougar has been seen here stalking and taking down mountain sheep in broad daylight!  It’s alarming these kills are so close to the house and makes the best excuse ever for not going out.  Yesterday  I surmised that enough grassy areas had melted and  the sheep were less concentrated. The predators would likewise be not waiting for me over the next hill so I had my first run here in a while.  The higher elevation sections still saw me post-holing through several feet of snow but it was nice to have some dirt under my feet for the lower sections.  Pavement has been a lame second choice running surface for the last few months.above:  First crocus of the year!  Our house is just beneath the spruce trees in the middle of the picture.

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One Response to Spring Arrives

  1. Kevin says:

    I remember the first time I saw the movie “Patton”, the general was asked if he would undertake a strategic retreat during a tough patch in his invasion of Sicily. His response was, “No, I hate paying for the same real estate twice.”

    Ever since, I have quoted that line in my head a thousand times as a personal guideline in doing things efficiently be it exiting a service road onto a freeway efficiently or planning a backyard or garage project or undertaking major capital projects at work.

    Reading your article referencing hybrids conjured up this mantra once again. Why would I buy a car with two engines? That is definately paying for the same real estate twice!

    Good luck in the bush!

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