Fish & Wildlife

I went fishing today on the Bow River  today.  Suzanne and I wanted fish for supper tonight so I optimistically set off to the river to catch it.  The backwater I thought would be a good spot was frozen over which led me to go for a bit of a hike to the main river channel.  Above: hiking down a smaller channel to the main Bow River.  Pigeon Mt  is in background.

Of interest on my way there was an a massive osprey nest sitting on a telephone pole by a marsh.  To my surprise, the pair was home and put up quite the fuss when I hiked past.  One did some recon flyovers to make sure I was leaving the area.  Their call is much less dignified than their appearance sounding more whiny than magestic.  Ben Gadd describes it as a “worried yee-yee-yee.”  Also known as “fish hawks” I took this sighting as a good omen that I was in the right place for fishing.  I found the main river and hiked to a spot where a large log had fallen providing some good fish habitat. I waded into the river and used a spin rig against the current.  It’s good that it was a beautiful spot because I didn’t get a single bite in the 2 hours I was there!  Looking to the northwest, snowfall was moving in so I thought it was time to hike out empty handed or not.  On my way out, a herd of mountain sheep was casually grazing in oblivion to my presence.  They are a bit shaggy and dishevelled this time of year.  The way they walked right up to me gave me pretty clear insight into how well fed the cougars are!  I have much to learn about how to catch fish in the Bow River.  When I get a moment this summer in  northern Alberta, I’ll be fishing for pickrel which are easier to catch than a cold. As far as today went,  for a failed expedition, it was a pretty great afternoon!

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2 Responses to Fish & Wildlife

  1. Kevin says:

    Magnificent picture of the ospreys!

    I was in Calgary on business last week and decided against bringing my fly rod thinking that the Bow River would be messy with runoff. To my surprise it was still clean. My fly fishing mentor laughed upon me telling her this stating that this type of thing happened to her all the time when she first started fly fishing and ever since she ALWAYS travels with a fishing rod!

  2. dave says:

    Yeah, there is no runoff yet as snow is still accumulating most everywhere but the valley floor. I’m constrained to point out that you caught just as much fish as me this week in spite of having forgotten your fishing rod!

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