Weather Course

I took the mountain weather forecasting course this weekend through the ACC.  It really glued together many concepts and expanded on many local weather mechanisms I poorly understood.  It’s also great to have access to a teacher whom you can ask the burning questions you’ve always wanted to know while you eat lunch!

The afternoon session on Saturday consisted of analysing a series of scenarios the instructor had created from data and sky photos he had collected from previous climbing and ski touring trips.  A great course though it will require lots of going over to make the best use of it out in the world.

Also in attendance was Mina who inspired me to take up telemark so it was great to tell her my progress and  thank her for her past advice.  Telemark has been such a revolution for me this winter, I feel like a debt has been repaid by finally thanking her for getting me into it.

In other mountain news, the Alpine Club used a few of my trip photographs in its spring newsletter The Blizzard.


Speaking of weather, I noticed that Vostok is pretty chilly this week with lows down to  minus 76 celsius.  Just 2 more degrees lower and CO2 will freeze forming dry ice!  I made a screen shot of the forecast  which is pretty funny as the windchill is  -95!!  Also amusing to me is the official note “feels like -74.” 

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One Response to Weather Course

  1. Kevin says:

    Heat wave coming to Vostok though. Warming up a whole 20 degrees…….to -56 C!

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