Out and About

After sleeping for 3 days, I feel rested enough to start enjoying some time off.  I thought I really ought to take a drive and check out a large river I intend to cross at the start of this weekend’s expedition with Mike.  With so much run-off this year, it seemed foolhardy not to see if it was fordable.

After an hour drive I found the Highwood river and found it deepish and flowing pretty good.  I had intended to make use of an old logging road to bike up valley.  From what I found, I think I will be bringing a lengthy section of rope to safely get the bikes and packs across.

With that chore done I climbed a small peak across the valley from our objective to get a better look at it.  Mt Lipset was a good warm up but I was chased off the summit due to an approaching thunderstorm.  I didn’t learn much about Mt McPhail, this weeks objective, but I did learn I do not want anything to do with neighboring Mist Mt which was on my hit list!There are so many incredible flowers that it’s hard to keep the camera in the bag and make progress, but the light on this Parry’s Townsendia forced me to stop and pull out the camera.  A mother grizzly and her two cubs livened up the trip home.  A good warm up day to get my mountain legs back.


below is my route taken from my SPOT beacon.

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One Response to Out and About

  1. Captainorange says:

    Good to see you getting a handle on things for our trip. Can’t wait to get my camera firing out there as well.
    I’ll see in a couple of days.

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