Hike before Burning

This weekend, Suz and I hiked up to North Buller Pass.  This trip was made more significant by the fact that this valley will be burnt this week as part of the controlled burn projects.A couple of years ago, Jim and I hiked the Buller pass so this was the last chance to complete the tour and do the north pass.Above, Suz looks west into Buller Creek from below the north pass.  This area will be burnt this week!  This area will be wonderful to walk through next spring when the fireweed will dominate the valley.  I must admit it seems a shame not to harvest some of the marketable trees lower down.  This burn coupled with the Mt Nestor burn on the other side of Spray Lake makes a pretty massive fire break protecting Banff and Canmore from the south.

A wonderful surprise was the ridge wall to the north with it’s emerging rock hoodoos birthing out of the twisted rock.  I spent some time eyeballing some routes up it to gain the views of the Spray Lakes on the other side.  Also tempting was the unamed summit described by the Copelands but once we gained the pass, Suz and I were content with just a 17km day!

Also enjoyable was a photoshoot with Suz’s Northface boots for some Northface project she was working on


Above, a couple product shots I did for Suz

Above Jim and I explore the south arm of Buller in October 2008. These trees will be burned soon as well.

It’s an eerie sensation to know this place will not look like this in my lifetime but nature is indifferent to aesthetics.  It will replace the dense, overmature forest in the valley with the beginning of the forest cycle.  I’m still glad I saw it before it burned though.


I got some pictures from SRD of the burn in progress!above: A drip torch from the helicopter in Buller Creek.

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