BBQ’d Pizza

I’ve heard that the BBQ is a great way to make pizza and this week I finally gave it a shot.  Using  Captain Orange’s dough recipe and insight, I made a some shells.  Then I got the toppings prepped and ready on the picnic table (olive oil, oregeno, fresh basil, garlic, spinach, mushrooms, cheeze and italian sausage.)

The shells were painted with olive oil and thrown on the grill with the top closed.  Then after a quick cooking, they’re flipped with the toppings quickly thrown on in situ as it were.  Then another few minutes and voila, slice and serve.

above:shells are ready for the bbq

above: coating with olive oil then cooking for a few minutes directly on the grillabove: after flipping the shell, the toppings are thrown on quick for a final grilling.above: one of the finished products

This was a great way to make pizza.  Not only does it keep the house cool in the summer but it was a perfect crust cooked in the kind of high heat of a proper pizza oven.  Now that the beta stage is over I expect to refine my cooking times for an even better result.  A large paddle would also help keep the dough from smushing when transfering to the grill.

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3 Responses to BBQ’d Pizza

  1. captainorange says:

    A worthy effort. I’d like a pizza peel to help streamline things… eventually. If I were you, I’d consider a pizza stone or a layer of thin bricks on your grill. Helps retain the heat in the BBQ after you open it & prevents the direct heat of the flame from burning or drying out your crust.

  2. Kevin says:

    I will give this a try maybe this weekend. I like the idea of literally raiding my vegetable garden and dumping it on the pizza within 15 seconds of harvest!

    Thinking that I will cook it in a shallow aluminum pan and then maybe place it directly on the grills once it’s cooked to get a bit of crusty searing.

    In Rome, all the pizzas are rectangular like yours. Our favourite was a potato pizza with cooked sliced potatoes dumped on with lots of olive oil and accessory bits. They would also subdivide them and have different quarters as different pizzas. Best pizza I ever had!

  3. Kevin says:

    Can you email me the pizza dough recipe?

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