Unreal difficulties

I really enjoy UT2004.  It’s my favorite video game that involves online team play, quick reflexes, and strategic thinking.  For years the prospect of creating my own levels and maps has eluded me as my Mac doesn’t support the game editor.  Two years ago I got excited as there was news that the latest editor would be available for Mac.  After a two year delay, the news came out this would not happen which set in motion a Herculean effort to run the PC version of the editor on my Mac.

To do this I first installed Wine, a utility that allows Windows instructions to be carried out by my OS.  It’s not an operating system emulator so it wouldn’t be CPU draining.  To run this utility meant becoming a registered Apple Software Designer to make various XCODE available to me.  Having done this, I got the code and began to install it in Terminal, the shell beneath the Mac GUI.  I find coding in Terminal mode to be a little intimidating as you can really mess your machine up if your not careful!

Having done this I got a copy of the PC release and then had to crack it through the terminal mode.  This involved getting pieces of code and installing it in various parts of different programs.  Cracking through the terminal is a little like driving a car by instructing a blind man what to do over a telephone.  You can’t really see what you’re doing at all.  After 6 hours I got the program to run only to have the editor freeze at the splash page.  A further search on the net revealed that part of the editor engine uses a physics engine that can’t be translated to my machine using the Wine translator.  Alas!  So close!  So now I’m reduced to using a Windows partition and running the PC version natively.  It’s the last thing I wanted as a Windows-free OS is my prefered state on my iMac.

This done all I need is a copy of Windows though I have to figure out which is the most stable for the engine I want to use.  Hrumph.  above: screenshot of the splash screen and my sketchy terminal mode running in the background.

Hopefully, by the time winter evenings come early, I’ll have the editor up and running and making some cool games using the UnrealEngine3.


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