XC Bicycling

In order to bike the off-road trails around here, I really needed a proper bike.  Suz has biked the trails around here for years and this year loaned her expertise and helped me get a bike to finally join her.  My new bike is a Cannondale SL4 “29er.”A “29er” is a bike with a much bigger radius tire than traditional mountain bikes.  These allow for a decreased approach angle over obstacles and increased angular momentum.  The major necessity is suspension and disc brakes.  The disc brakes have a larger surface area and are away from the water and mud by being at the wheel hub.  Needless to say, in the mountains, brakes are not something you can take lightly!

Over the last week, I’ve put some miles in and am starting to feel where my limits are.  We did the Terrace trail the other day.above: the Terrace trail in plan and profile view.  As you can see, the way back ends with a bang!

This evening we did the Tunnel Mountain trail which had plenty of climbing and descending.  I found a helmet cam video of a portion of the trail.

Tunnel Mt trail bike POV:

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One Response to XC Bicycling

  1. Looks like a sweet set of wheels. I can’t wait until you are posting your own helmet footage (in better resolution)

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