Winter arrives in the high country

I caught a nice day when the temperature is still pleasant but there’s snow on the ground.  I notice the larches have just started to turn a little yellow with the peak golden luster likely in a couple of weeks.above and below: Fog was just starting to lift off Spray Lake forcing me off the road to snap a few pictures.

above: frost, shadow, and morning light make amazing colours in this slough

Above: view from Burstall pass back to the road.  This has got to be one of my most favorite mountain places.  There’s lots of freestanding mountains everywhere.  What I mean is that the mountains here are isolated from each other without connecting ridges.  As tired as I was, I couldn’t help continuing up Snow Peak to get a better view.  “I’ll just go up a little way to get a better view” I thought.  I foolishly ended up going right up.  I say foolish because I just got over a cold and haven’t been very active.  I paid for the view with very, very sore muscles.

above: view from the top of the continental divide. Click here for a bigger version.  From this spot you can see on the left, the Spray Valley, Mt. Sir Douglas and the Continental Divide down the center, on the right is the Paliser Valley and on the far right is Lemon Lake and the valley that leads to the Rocky Mountain Trench in the distance.  Mt Sir Douglas is more than the mind can really take in and the view of it from this peak is the only time I’ve seen it all at once.

Above: view towards the Royal Group with early snow embellishing the vista.  Sunny and +2 degrees according to my MEC thermometer.

Above: On the way back to the road I wandered through some willow flats turning colour and got this nice look up Robertson Glacier.  Looks like a good place to ski tour this winter.


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2 Responses to Winter arrives in the high country

  1. rainswept says:

    That photo of the slough is lovely.

  2. Captainorange says:

    All of those photos are amazing. I love the visible atmosphere lines in the panoramic. I don’t know if I’d care for 2 right now. I’m enjoying 28-30C this week. Leaves are starting to turn here. It’s very questy.

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