Elizabeth Warren: What I learned at Harvard.

This macro has been flying around the internet this week.

Let’s go over these.

“You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for.”

“You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate.”

“You were safe because of police…the rest of us paid for.”

According to 2008 IRS data, the top 10% wealthiest Americans paid for 70% of the Income Tax.  The top 25% make up nearly all of the US budget.  

In the context of the real world, it’s hard to know what Warren means when she claims the rest of us paid for the stuff you use.  In fact this is false.  

In fact, a very few paid for the roads “the rest of us” use.

She may as well chastise Ford Motors for freeloading off its assembly line robots it also paid for!

But this accounting reality aside, I take great exception to her logic in the first place.  A big factory’s production employees are trained to do very specific jobs.  When I started work in industry, most older production workers had little to no formal education but had no difficulty learning to do their jobs.  Likewise, the trades which are the lifeblood of industry are apprenticed individually. Many in the professions are also privately educated.  Warren’s own Harvard University benefits from massive private funding that dwarfs many public university budgets.   But does Warren really think that the average public school graduate today is somehow indispensible?  For most of the 20th century, America somehow managed to become an industrial superpower off the backs of a very modestly educated workforce.  In the 1950s when America’s industrial capacity was sky-rocketing, less than half the population graduated high school.

Equally baffling is her notion that the police “make it safe.”  At best the police catch a percentage of criminals.  The idea they prevent crime is fantasy and total nonsense.  As an experiment, I would tell her to go outside a seedy bar in a bad part of town and try to exercise any of the liberties that she claims the state protects!  In any case, police services are paid for through taxes which are disproportionately paid for by the wealthiest landowners so it’s hard to know what her point is even if the premise was true.

Her last statement about preventing marauding bandits from stealing from the factory is surely a joke since most corporations would gladly trade the possibility of the occasional bandit rather than a yearly bandit who confiscates 40% each and every year (the current corporate tax rate in the US.)

Defending the Leviathan is a thankless task.  At least, no thanks from me.

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One Response to Elizabeth Warren: What I learned at Harvard.

  1. rainswept says:

    More laughable is that “big hunk” that she characterizes as being paid forward “for the next kid that comes along” is currently a debt of $50000 dollars per person from the federal government (and, for those whose votes she is trying to buy here, another $11000 from the Massachusetts state government… one of the highest in the US) and rising by the minute. Even if her ideological stance was an argument and that argument held any water it’s clear that the government she praises is no fit steward of the redistribution. Sadly, even if voters subtract Scott Brown and add Elizabeth Warren, the only real change for the people living in Massachusetts would be about a 50lb decrease in dead weight.

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