Colour and Texture in North Molar Pass

Suz and I went on a pretty big backpack trip this weekend to North Molar Pass and beyond.  All told it was 33km and 3700 vertical feet which is pretty big for carrying tent and food and all the gear for a weekend.  Nothing like a little weariness to make you really appreciate subtlety which was the theme of this trip I think.  Dynamic shades of rock, sweeping lines and ever-changing light set this trip apart.

Above:  Subtle colours of groundcover eeking out a living.

Up above the treeline in the high alpine was some interesting patterned ground.  Humps formed from the growth of ice crystals under the soil.  With the ground cover turning colours, it was a mesmerizing landscape to walk through.  Every hour the light was different from reflections off different rock faces and different clouds.  I took a million pictures of the ground near the picture above trying to capture it best.The other interesting patterns were the organization of rock fragments covering the ground. The larger pieces formed tiny ridges like the bottom of a lake or a raked Japanese rock garden.  I can only assume it was formed from water or perhaps wind somehow but it was very mysterious and everywhere on this 8000 foot high plateau.

Above: This rock was exfoliating in an interesting way

Above: Suz puts her legs into the pass.  Different bands of rock have eroded into some very artistic looking blurs.  Perspective in this area is warped as there is nothing to get a sense of scale.Above: Raw and barren high altitude landscape.

More pictures here.

Below: GPS waypoints on google earth.

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One Response to Colour and Texture in North Molar Pass

  1. Considering that it’s mostly rock, very nice colours. I love the peeling shale. It looks like a bas-relief carving of some ancient city perched on a vast cliff…

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