A little Story… ’bout Dave and Suzanne…

I stumbled on a great website called sailwx.info.  It’s an online database of the position of thousands of ships all over the seven seas.  It also has a wealth of up to date ocean info like waves, wind, pressures etc.  Out of curiosity I looked up a few ship names I was familiar with to see what they were up to.  Of course I searched for ships with Suzanne and my names and lo and behold!  There is both our namesakes off the coast of Korea!Above is the current position of Maritime Suzanne (29, 211 gross tonnes) and below is the Ocean David (21 978 tonnes)My position is late in reporting in.  Sounds about right!

Google found pictures of both these prestigious vessels.According to Shipspotting.com, Suzanne is a chemical tanker registered in Hong Kong while David carries dry cargo under the Cambodian flag.  In all the deep blue sea they passed within a hundred miles last week!

An even better site to play that’s more user friendly is marinetraffic.com

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One Response to A little Story… ’bout Dave and Suzanne…

  1. Kevin says:

    What fun!

    I seem to be mostly very generalist mixed cargo ships both in Louisiana/Texas Gulf and the Rhine. Smaller and designed for both river and coastal port traffic on each continent. A modern equivalent of the old English colliers of the past (upon which Horatio Nelson gained his seafaring skills)

    It is interesting to now have a more personal interest in otherwise forgettable looking watercraft!

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