Astonishing Achievement

I write this with several ice packs on me and a bottle of Advil by the computer but in compensation, there is a rock face named after me on the Minnewanka  called “Dave’s Drop.”   I was very pleased to just keep up with the “big boys” who are much more experienced mountain bikers.  I certainly learned some technical stuff but had a spectacular forward roll over a rock cliff that has left half my body swollen and scraped.

One of the inspiring/dejecting things about living here is you don’t get much opportunity to enjoy your accomplishments because someone else nearby is obliterating them.  A truly amazing feat was performed here on Thursday when Phil Villeneuve climbed/ran up 4 nearby mountains in 11 hours!  He climbed Mt Grotto, Mt Lady Mac, Mt Ha Ling and EEOR without even mechanical assistance getting from mountain to mountain.  I’ve been up these mountains and any one of them pretty much does me in.

Quote from RMO: full story here.

To most, the feat is pure madness.  Run up Grotto Mountain, Mount Lady Macdonald, East End of Mount Rundle and Ha Ling Peak in one day.  No bikes, no driving to trail heads, no cash rewards or prizes.  Fifty-three kilometres.  Four peaks each over 2,400 metres high.


I think there are few people who are capable of understanding how difficult it is to cover this kind of ground.  Running a full marathon and then climbing a 1000 story building is an approximation of the vertical and horizontal distance.  Astounding.

In the shadows of these giants I’ll try to enjoy my little biking victory as I convalesce this weekend.



Minnewanka Bike Trail Description 

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2 Responses to Astonishing Achievement

  1. Captainorange says:

    Truly staggering.

    Glad you’re okay.

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