Journeys and Destinations

Thanksgiving means its time for the Jim and Dave sufferathon.  This year though we chose to soften the edges of our trip which was good as my body still is pretty banged up from my bike accident.  So while the vertical gain was fairly modest, it was still a 50+km trip to Mt Assiniboine, our destination.

On day one we decided to set up camp early and enjoy the last hour of daylight even if it made our next day longer.  Above, Jim is hoisting our food into a tree to prevent bears and other undesirables from getting our food.Above: Interesting light as we follow Bryant Creek up to its source.

We stopped for lunch by a small creek and as we ate and chatted, a deer came walking up rather calmly.  Behind it was another, then a buck strolled up with two little ones in the back.  It amazes me how curious and bold the does are as this one kept approaching us till it was just a few feet away.  Jim who has hunted deer for many years told me that the does tend to be more curious than the bucks which was certainly the case here.The trek up to Assiniboine pass was more effort than I had thought.  Effort that was made double by the amount of laughing from constant jokes.  It can be hard enough hauling a pack up a steep mountain in rarefied air, but when you can’t breathe from laughing so hard, progress slows to a crawl!  We finally reached our destination but I must say I was rather disappointed with the view.  Luckily the anticlimax of the destination was more than compensated by the joy of the journey.Above: Bryant creek offers some great colours and views.   It seemed like moose country and while we saw very fresh tracks, no moose sightings.  A very curious sight was the river that emerged right out of a cliff.  It welled up from a deep hole in a rock face.  Apart from its curious origins, the minerals in it fed a massive moss colony which is odd for mountain stream beds which are always rocky and bare.Above:  This creek was boiling out of a hole in the groundAbove:  Water jets out of the ground at the Big Spring.

It was a great trip with great weather and only a bit of snow but we were both glad to see the road again as it was a pretty long haul over three days.

route GPS information here



as seen from google earth:

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One Response to Journeys and Destinations

  1. Sounds like a great time. You must be mostly recovered if you are able to take on a trip of this magnitude.

    That artesian stream is enticing. Would love to see it — though it seems as if that route has little else to recommend it (save curious deer).

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