Consolation Lake and Fishers

Had a good visit with the folks this week and the trees were kind enough to hold onto a few of their leaves for them.  I had planned on going to Consolation Lake but the road was closed so we ended up taking the Plain of Six Glaciers walk which was great.  The tropical colour of the lake was in stark contrast to the frigid ice coating of everything else.

We also made a stop at Vermillion Lakes which is becoming one of my favorite haunts for picture taking.

Today, Suz and I biked the Montane Traverse.  With my past bike accident still fresh, I found my confidence a little low and got off the bike a couple times and walked the bike over drops.  The exciting part was seeing a fisher.  Suz spotted him in a tree as we were fighting our way up a lengthy uphill section.  I was really kicking myself for not putting my camera in my pack as we had a five minute viewing session watching him jump between trees.  At one point the fearless predator came quite close to us as we piqued his curiosity.  They have no predators so he showed little fear of us.  Fishers have apparently taken down lynx but I’ve never heard of them attacking a person thankfully.  It was only the third time I’ve seen one and never have I seen one so close and for so long.  It was a great reward for the pain of biking up 200 vertical meters!

video of route:

Above: route for the Montane Traverse

route description from Bike Pirate here.






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