While I wait for freeze up, an homage to a fine boot.

My winter contracts have finally sorted themselves out and I’ve picked my poison so to speak.  Waiting for freeze up should give me a couple last weeks to enjoy the mountains.  The snow line marches down the valley every day though not enough snow for skiing yet.  We’ve had snow in the yard for a few days now.

I’m mentally gearing up which includes going over my gear list of what I need for isolated winter bush work.  Of the many footwear options I’ve accumulated, My first pick will be my treasured Dunlops.  And this seems like the perfect venue to sing their praises.  For a boot this big they are incredibly light owing to their carbon fibre toe cap and shank rather than steel.  They are comfortable down to -15 all day.  Even in summer these boots are very comfortable with their insulation as the heat transfer from the ground (which can be over +40 right next to the ground) is kept at bay.  They can also plow through swamp and muskeg or snow with the greatest of ease keeping your feet dry.  They also make you feel slightly like an anime hero which is a virtue not to be underestimated when out in the bush taking on difficult tasks!

Dunlop Specs Here


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2 Responses to While I wait for freeze up, an homage to a fine boot.

  1. captainorange says:

    I notice there is a little SD badge on the boot. I should think in your line of work you would get the High-Def version. Perhaps they wouldn’t look so blocky 🙂

  2. dave says:

    Too funny! And yes I’m stealing orange things from you.

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