Inside the BBC: Richard Black’s ministry of disinformation

Yesterday I looked at the difference between NBC’s reporting and the easily available facts and wondered how the gulf between fact and fiction could be so high.  Today I found a recent briefing by Richard Black, of the BBC giving a lecture about global warming to BBC editors and fellow journalists.  It really explains exactly where the stupid comes from!

While every aspect of his presentation is a complete departure from non controversial facts, I’ll show just one quick capture of his presentation:In his chart, conspicuously absent is the monthly data from the last 15 years which show no such warming.  If you look closely, the last giant upswing represents a mere .2 degrees! The current global temperature dropped .5 degrees from last year so the scary line is nothing more than noise with 15 years of “contrary to message” data missing.  Producing this chart requires wilful intent to deceive since the data available from the original sources look nothing like this.  I’ll leave it to others to imagine what is the motive is for this deception.  

I don’t expect editors and other journalists to be science experts so they are at the mercy of someone who claims to be giving them facts.  How someone of Richard Black’s ability could rise to chief environmental reporter does speak volumes to the competency of the BBC editors.  It also serves as an example of how a once respected source could print fictions that masquerade as science.  I suspect this example is a blueprint for other media.  Evangelical crusaders self-appoint themselves as experts within media organizations and replace rational ignorance with fairy tales.

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