The ABC Nightly News, with George Orwell

Yesterday I looked into where the BBC gets its disinformation from.  Today is another variation that all leads to a better picture how media publish such misinformation.  Here is an ABC interview with Richard Sommerville, former IPCC lead author.  He agrees with the reporter that for decades they have predicted that global warming will lead to “heavier snowstorms in the northeast.”

In fact Richard Sommerville’s IPPC predicted the exact opposite.

From the IPCC  report Chapter 15 of Working Group 2 (full citation:

Milder winter temperatures will decrease heavy snowstorms

Does this IPCC flunky think people won’t bother to check if he’s calmly lying on national television?  The question and answer appears to be more of a rehearsed stage play than a reporter asking questions. It looks like a reporter using the IPCC as window dressing for his own televangelism. One can’t know the true motivation of the reporter, but like the Richard Black episode I described yesterday, the former IPCC lead author is clearly lying.  As lead author, he would have to know what his own report claimed which leads me to conclude that when reality no longer matches his fictional predictions, he simply lies about what he said in the first place.

Your tax dollars paid for this nonsense and yet you have no recourse to seek justice for this fraud.

How painful it is to watch a reporter appeal to a higher authority who must contradict his own preaching to stay on message. This despicable incident is an exact rendering of the insanity in 1984 when the propaganda switches from being at war with Oceana to suddenly being at war with Eastasia.

“But we’ve always been at war with Eastasia”   – George Orwell’s 1984




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One Response to The ABC Nightly News, with George Orwell

  1. Vincent Spilchuk says:

    damn you’re good, dave.
    your vigilance is rare indeed. i appreciate it.

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