New House!

Moving day is upon us and we’re pretty excited to move this weekend to our new place.  We are renting a whole house in a very quiet neighborhood.  Tomb-like silence awaits.

I don’t have any pictures yet but these google street view pictures are much cheerier anyway as they’re summer pics.

Once again we’re on the edge of town and the Bow river is just behind the house.  Great biking and running right out the front door.

Here’s another view, our place is behind the street light.  Our backyard has a nice firepit but no soil to speak of and plenty of large spruce trees so gardening is out of the question but I intend to make a nice outdoor space out of it such as it is.  I love the lack of sidewalks in this area.  Makes it look less linear with more blury edges.

updates after we settle in…

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One Response to New House!

  1. rainswept says:

    If you email me your new address now, I may remember that I don’t need to ask for it next Christmas 🙂

    Also, any QNY plans in the air?

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