We’re getting closer to being moved in though still lots of unpacking and arranging.  I took some pictures today now that there are no longer boxes strewn about.  Suz reports today that she is a ten minute walk to her downtown office which is pretty good considering how much it feels like we’re in the boonies.

Above: Living room + stairs

Above: living room 

Above: living room fireplace, the rough-sawn open beams are really great.

Above: The kitchen breakfast nook is quite the contrast to the other sauna-like rooms, but the open beams carry over to this room so it ties together in a way.

Above:  Second floor bedroom opens to small deck

Above: my office/music room on the main floor

Above: Suz’s office on second floor (still in boxes)

And finally, the back yard.  With the Bow river just at the end of the block, I’m not sure how much time we’ll spend in the back yard but it has some potential for a nice sittin’ area. At long last Suz has some Adirondack chairs thanks to some friends of ours.  For now the chairs are waiting for some spring sun, a glass of lemonade and a good book.

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6 Responses to Chalet

  1. rainswept says:

    Love the yellow seat in that nook!

    I’ve never seen so much wood.

    &, say, what about fulfilling a lifelong dream of mine by proxy, & getting some sort of old vending machine in there?

  2. Dave says:

    “I need wood around me Jerry, wood.”

    A vending machine that spat out what I should make for supper on a little card would be nice. It would have to have a large, possibly heavy and cumbersome crank wheel you’d have to turn. Most certainly it would make lots of noise. It would also have to take propriitary tokens that would have to be constantly recovered from the holding box with a large brass key.

  3. Mike Diakuw says:

    I hope you have some southern exposure through your windows. The wood is beautiful, but it could feel a bit closed in without good light.

    Rainswept, if you want him to have something, order him a jellybean dispenser off eBay. And don’t bother retorting that I ought to come and turn his house to face south. I give it a try during my next visit 😉

  4. Dave says:

    Indeed Cap’n, it is south facing but forest diffuses the light quite significantly such that we’re looking for additional lighting in that room for evenings mostly. Evening comes nearly an hour earlier now as we’re tucked closer to sun shielding Ha Ling Peak.

    (that vending machine is starting to sound like a prop from a Terry Gilliam movie!)

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