Decaffeinated Biking

Today marks one month without coffee.  Not sure if I’ll do another month or not.  I suspect as work begins soon, the coffee will flow once more.

This is a fabulous time of year in the Bow Valley as you can ski and bike in the same day.  Last night was the first North Face riding group trip of the year.  Sketchy weather scared a few off I think.  I did a 15k warm-up around Canmore mostly on flat ground before heading over to Banff with Suz.  We did the Tunnel Mountain trails which gave me a good chance to play with my new mapping GPS.  After my nightmare on Mt Balfour, I decided I earned a new tool.

My new Dakota20 shows me where I am on a topo map and has a built in compass and barometric altimeter for super accurate elevations and weather forecasting.  Most GPS show you where you are but the real problem in bad light is often where to take your next  step.  With the mapping GPS you point to the spot on the map you want to go and the digital compass points the direction to go.  A huge advance over older GPS units.  Riding around gave me a good chance to play with some of the features.

One of the riders in our small group was Peter who runs and the author of the bike trail guide for our area.  I stuck to his back wheel for a while and admired his technique.

Above l-r: Christina, Suz, Peter, Marc, Randy, Me

Above: Don’t look down! Christina skirts the top edge of the Hoodoos

Above:  Taking a breath at the top of a big climb.

I downloaded the GPS info and made some cool maps: click picture to enlarge

I really liked the speed information which I got graphed out: click picture to enlarge

A great first ride of the year with great company.    After a very rough up and down 20km ride I was ready to call it a good day.  Many thanks to the North Face Banff for organizing another year of rides.

A little more skiing is in the works though, Suz and I are skiing with friends at the hill over the weekend and then Hugo, Emile and I are going to search for the elusive Peyto Glacier ice cave next week.  We’re also hoping to get one last summit in but as always, the weather will decide.

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