What else is made up?

Yesterday, President Obama held his first press conference since being elected to a second term.  Something I found interesting was his answer to a question about his plans to address climate change.  Obama answered:

“What we do know is the temperature around the globe is increasing faster than was predicted even 10 years ago.”

As the rest of us know, this is untrue for several reasons.  Firstly of course is that global temperatures have been unchanged for the last 16 years (see satellite data from previous post.)  More important though is that the temperature is below every climate model.

Above: Satellite temperatures (the blue and red dots) are below every single climate model prediction.  In other words, the real situation is the exact opposite of the one Obama claims.  The demonstrated fact that Obama is science illiterate is not what bothers me though.

What this demonstrates is how easily the President can stand in front of a worldwide audience of hundreds of millions and just rattle off speculation as though it was fact.  Don’t you think if you were going to talk to millions, you would want to be sure of such specific assertions?  Either he doesn’t care what comes out of his mouth, or more likely, the people that inform him are just as sloppy and lazy which hardly is of comfort.  It certainly begs the question: what else  that comes out of his mouth is merely speculation, propaganda, made up facts or ignorant blither dressed up as truth?

It took me 30 seconds to fact check this.  Curiously, New York Times reporter Mark Landler who asked Obama this question seemed incapable of performing the most basic functions of his job.  He chose to take the President’s made up facts as given.

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2 Responses to What else is made up?

  1. fadedearth says:

    Either he doesn’t care what comes out of his mouth, or more likely, the people that inform him are just as sloppy and lazy

    You overlooked option (c): “both”. A cursory glance at the last decade shows that execution of the office of president* confers complete unaccountability. So why should he care, & why should those who advise him care?

    * Defined by the kipple of precedent rather than in a strictly legal sense, obviously.

  2. Dave says:

    Ha, true. I overlooked that as my impression of Presidents is that they are shallow, useful idiots without their own thoughts.

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