Spray Grind redux

I wasn’t sure how my running would fare after not being very active for the last couple months.  On Wed. I did my usual flat route and Thurs. I did my uphill route and today thought I would try the menacing Spray Lakes Road again.  I first did this back in early November but didn’t time it.  Spray Grind

I was pleased to be successful though the time was much longer than I thought before.  It took me 62 minutes 4 seconds to run (without stopping) the 6.5 kms, up a total elevation gain of 1200 feet.

Having done this one a couple of times now, I think I’m ready to try the Spray Grind race next October.  It’s a race over this same course but it’s amateurs against the Canadian Cross Country Ski Team.  Last year, the top performers cut my time roughly in half!  But it would be fun to see just how much better they are.  Last years results are here.  Running along with one of my Canmore heros, Phil Villenueuve even if only for the first hundred meters would be pretty cool.

Rest day tomorrow!

And a big thanks to the guy at Spray Lake who stopped, picked me up, and drove me back down to town.  Saved me a punishing 2 hour walk back down on very sore legs!


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One Response to Spray Grind redux

  1. Mike Diakuw says:

    Good for you.

    James and I been working on the arts tower stairs together, recently. I’m back under one minute and I’m working hard on the stair machine at the Fieldhouse while it’s -40 here.

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