Full Moon Adventure



With fine winter weather and a full moon in the works, Suz suggested we do a full moon snowshoe trip last weekend.  I love the mountains at night but I’ll always be pretty conservative about where I go.  After much pondering and map gazing we decided on following Healy Creek as it meanders into Vermillion Lake.  This had the benefit of being close, safe, and a place I’d never been.  The sky was a little hazy so it wasn’t as bright as we’d hoped but still just bright enough to not need our headlamps.  It’s very eerie to tramp through the snow at night.  You hear water but can’t see it, the shapes all become dull.  Light seems to come from the ground rather than the sky.


Above:  After an hour of brisk snowshoeing, we stopped to enjoy some hot chocolate from the thermos.  We found a nice spot beside the creek which was open and cascading down the valley.  Managed a decent shot of Suz without a tripod or lengthy exposure.  Below, Suz takes a shot of me lit by her headlamp.


A super night trip even if I did have to spin my head around fifty times to be sure a cougar wasn’t following us.  A great Saturday night!

Below:  Our snowshoe route from the Sunshine turnoff along Healy Creek to the Bow River

Screen shot 2013-01-28 at 6.39.32 PM






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2 Responses to Full Moon Adventure

  1. fadedearth says:

    Sounds like a sweet hike.

    Wish there were a snow equivalent of ‘crop circles’… snow squares, maybe?

  2. Mike Diakuw says:

    I stared pretty hard at that moon, but couldn’t overcome my burrowing instincts. My personal cozy corner downstairs has been too tempting.

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