Rise of the Machines

Like most people, I worry about the future, when the machines will rise up against us and defeat us.  It seemed to happen to me sooner rather than later.  Last week I was feeling good about running up and down Tunnel Mt outside of Banff.  But around here, you never get to enjoy your accomplishments for very long.Tunnel Mt

Above:  GPS route of my Tunnel Mt run.

On Saturday I joined the UFC (Ultimate Fit Centre not Ultimate Fighting Championship!) running group.  It was billed as a casual and social running group.  I showed up as everyone was deciding where to go. Buddy says “so we can run up to Grassi Lake, up the Riders of Rohan, across the Highline down the Three Sisters Creek and by then that’s about 2 and a half hours.”  If you don’t know Canmore that’s a pretty ridiculous run for “casual”  pretty much a half marathon with a 600m elevation gain!  Luckily someone else was only going to do a short run so I’d have someone to run back with.  In any case, the conversation didn’t do much for my confidence!  Not that I didn’t expect it though.  So many people around here are such good athletes that even the beginners run is pretty epic!

We took off and climbed the big hill up to the Nordic Centre at a pretty unsustainable pace but it was interesting to finally compare stride lengths and cadence and pace – if only for 40 minutes.  But it did feel like I was running with a bunch of indefatigable cyborgs. They continued on their big run while I turned around and came back to town.

I went to today’s morning run with them only to discover that most of the Saturday people were training hard for the London Marathon and  usually there is a couple of groups of different skill levels.  So I’ll probably stick with it as it helps me push myself a little harder than I would running by myself.  Everyone is very pleasant and supportive which will be good on those days I’m not really into it.  I managed to keep up on today’s run which was a victory even if a bit unglamourous of one!

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