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Stupidity exacts toll from Montreal Skiers

News Item: Quebec skiers die in BC resort The news has been chock full this week over how bad the RCMP are for not rescuing a Montreal couple fast enough. While I can’t speak to their decisions regarding an SOS … Continue reading

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Bush to visit Calgary:legal authority to arrest him.

GW Bush is making one of his first newspeeking engagements in Calgary. Under Canadian law pursuant to international treaties, it seems we have plenty of legal justification to arrest him. With thanks to Observer151, Huffington Post: Here’s the relevant Canadian … Continue reading

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From the Albigensian Crusade to the Route4 Express

News Item: Atheist Ad Campaign on Calgary Buses A PSA has arrived in Calgary after obviously stirring up controversy in the UK. To balance this campaign, the United Church with nothing better to do with their congregation’s charitable donations, has … Continue reading

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