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Folly and Hubris: An ill Wind Blows

The Globe and Mail (Toronto’s national newspaper) devoted its weekend edition to global climate change declaring that 4 out of 5 Canadians have experienced the effects of climate change. I am constrained to point out that they certainly think they … Continue reading

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I’ve christened beta blogger with a header of the lovely chinook arch that brought the warm winds of the same name to our fair city this week. The temperature rose about 20 degrees celsius for a good chunk of the … Continue reading

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"Buzz" Aldrin: The Real Story

Today is “Buzz” Aldrin’s birthday. An appropriate day to tell his sad story of drug abuse and the Apollo astronauts that enabled him. You see, he and Neil used to do rails of ‘Tang’ off the LEM Module’s control panel. … Continue reading

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America Idol: Applied Epistemology

For my sins I’ve been watching the auditions for American Idol. Once the auditions are over its just the tedium of beautiful people singing which is of little interest. Unless you come from the Netherlands where all their singers are … Continue reading

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Maria Sharapova

Through the cyber ether, I pass along wishes that Fortuna smiles upon my girl Maria Sharapova at the Australian Open this week. I highly endorse this brilliant commercial that firmly sticks it to the beautiful but talentless.

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Health Plans v Scary Think Tanks

I don’t know what it is about Ultra right wing think tanks but they really have a penchant for touchy feely names. And so my first reader challenge of the year is to guess which of these logos are health … Continue reading

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Feminism has never set itself up for ridicule

Well, I didn’t quite go two weeks without talking politics. If only I had the willpower of the Duchess of York. Oh Fergie, whilst thou lendeth a humble serf some of thy focused mind? But back to the first course, … Continue reading

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Palindromic Entertainers

I’m not sure which of these entertainers were cloned from which. Certainly it does demonstrate that talent isn’t diluted with successive cloning. Its true, I don’t have any genetic proof of this experiment, It came to me in a flash … Continue reading

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Hydrogen fuel Seal: My contribution to the energy crisis

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