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Not all who wander are lost

Last week I joined the Cochrane Search and Rescue team. For the next 2 months I go through a rigorous training and certification process. I’m excited to learn some new skills and use what skills I’ve acquired from years of … Continue reading

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Obama v Khadafi: If you see a difference, You lost the battle of the hypocrites.

Obama spoke to the UN yesterday calling for a ‘new era of engagement.’ Like all Obama speeches, it sounds good but means little. Here’s what the ‘New Era’ has meant in America, the country he has the power to change. … Continue reading

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Greyhound Monopoly; do not pass ‘GO,’ do not collect 15M

Re: Greyhound Cutbacks Greyhound this week issued an ultimatum that it would need 15 million dollars to continue servicing unprofitable routes. The company enjoys this position of demanding money for being unprofitable by virtue of its inside deal. In exchange … Continue reading

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Not so Lonely Mountain II

I usually enjoy planning hikes and climbs. The maps get spread across the floor, the dog-eared books litter the table and a path is worn between google earth and the coffee pot. However, when a friend comes out hiking, I … Continue reading

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