Mt Norquay Challenge

The NorthFace in Banff issued a challenge this week to run or bike up the Mt Norquay road and post a time.    It starts on the outskirts of Banff and goes about 5 km in length and rises 230m vertical or 750 feet.

MT Norquay run


Suzanne offered to drive up to the top so I wouldn’t have to walk down so I thought I’d give it a go.  The best time was set by Paul at 22 minutes by running (he’s a machine who oranizes the NFBanff trailrun group.)  A few others were just a couple minutes behind in bike attempts.  I posted a run time of 36 minutes which I hope to beat in a bike attempt soon.  As well, for 2013 I’d like to run a sub 30.IMG_0439

Above: enjoying the view and some coconut water.  Norquay road can be seen below in the valley leaving Banff and winding 6 switchbacks up to Mt Norquay where I’m standing.

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5 Responses to Mt Norquay Challenge

  1. Mike Diakuw says:

    Geeze, 22 min 5km is very good for me with no vertical.

  2. daviditron says:

    He’s an ultramarathoner which may explain his time. I ran up Tunnel Mt. with him today and got lots of interesting technical advice.

  3. kevin says:

    Great time! My best 5 km on level ground is 25 minutes but I continue to improve. That looks like the perfect hill run for slope and distance. Would love to know his hill running tips. The feeling of being able to run full gallop uphill like that must be incredible.

    • daviditron says:

      On inclines, his hand position drops and relaxes more since the stride is shorter and the arms are not driving with the stride. He also uses just the tips of his feet while running uphill which really burns the calves untill they get powerful enough. He also emphasized trying to slow the breathing down as much as is possible under such circumstances. The other thing that helps him is his endurance to run over 200km at a time! 5 km uphill or no just isn’t taxing his body much!

      • Kevin says:

        That’s great information. I’ve been doing toe raises on the edge of a step to get a good calf burn so will try this on hills. An Ironman friend gave me great descending advice which is to lean forward and run down the hill rather than leaning back on the heels. Takes getting used to but when you get it the feeling of running down hill full blast barely breathing is pretty fun!

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