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Leading Climate Scientists may get 10 years for Fraud

In a comment to a previous post, my brother put the Climategate fraud in perspective when he suggested that in any other industry, their actions would be prosecutable. The analogy was made that if a drug trial was falsified, they … Continue reading

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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Have you ever blown your nose and then caught yourself looking at the kleenex to see what came out? That pretty much describes how I sometimes find myself checking in on CNN. This week, CNN has been examining the effectiveness … Continue reading

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Bastiat: the seen and the unseen

I couldn’t resist posting this screencap. It’s pretty emblematic of how people are victims of Bastiat’s “that which can not be seen.” The OP asks why quarterly projections determine stock values when it’s so limiting and not reflective of how … Continue reading

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Olympic Experience

I understand that it’s easy for people to be cynical about the Olympics. Corporations spending millions to associate themselves with sport, governments bribing officials and spending tax dollars, and athletes cheating all contribute to an event that perhaps doesn’t live … Continue reading

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Big Day in the Mountains

Perfect conditions yesterday in the Main Range. Waist deep fresh snow overnight, low avalanche hazard and an expert guide led me to the mountain pictured here. Whitehorn 2b is it’s rather unromantic designation. My ski descent route I’ve drawn in … Continue reading

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More Data Manipulation from Global Warming "scientists." NASA guilty of fudging data

Now that the IPCC’s data from CRU has been debunked thanks to the leaked emails, attention has finally come to gross data manipulation at NASA. I was disappointed with the documentary KUSI-TV produced but D’Aleo’s report is excellent and brief: … Continue reading

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Things I learned in 2009 Part II

It’s approaching the one year anniversary since the 800 billion dollar stimulus plan went into effect in the US. In that time, I transitioned from a Keynesian to an Austrian in terms of my understanding of economics. This new viewpoint … Continue reading

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Things I Learned in 2009

In 2009, my rights and freedoms increased dramatically It was not because the military of this nation or any other fought halfway around the world for whatever reasons that were given. It was not because of any new policy created … Continue reading

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